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BIOETHICS.ME exists at the crossroads of classical philosophy, Catholic theology, and healthcare delivery. By breaking down complex bioethical issues into bite-sized pieces, it becomes easier to process the great questions in delivering ethical healthcare. Each question is evaluated in light of a series of fundamental principles. Let this site be a resource to you in making better ethical decisions when caring for yourself and your loved ones.

Hi! My name is Chet.

My first experience with bioethics was in the 8th grade. My grandfather was in the hospital and diagnosed with complications due to asbestos exposure. Within a few days, he was on life support and near death.

I remember that night so vividly. The family all flew into town, we had a priest come and administer last rites, and I spent the evening with a few other people at his bedside. I was with him as they slowly turned off the ventilator. Within a few minutes, he died.

Death is a heavy subject for a young person. Actually, it's tough on all of us. For me, there was something different about the experience. I saw the deep respect and compassionate care given to my grandfather in his final hours.

The whole experience awakened something in me. I felt a strong desire to be there to help families as they dealt with terminal illness. I wanted to be a part of helping say goodbye to loved ones in the best possible way.

Many years later, I met my wife. I got to share in her experience of training to be a medical doctor, from first year medical student to physician in practice. Our conversations over the years have revolved around her encounters in medicine. Many of those encounters have involved complex ethical issues.

It's been well over a decade since his passing, but I still feel that passion within me. This website is dedicated to exploring the world of bioethics and how they apply to our lives. We are intersecting with the healthcare system more than any other generation in the history of mankind. As we push the boundaries of science and medicine, it's paramount that we maintain our ethical controls.

When I'm not reading or writing on bioethics, I'm a full-time sidekick to three small humans. We laugh, we play, and while they sleep, I work.